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Are you looking for a great classic game to play with your friends? Windson Electric dartboard offers you a plenty of hours of entertainment and fun. You are able to play with 8 players. This dartboard contains LCD display and automatic sleep mode when the user doesn’t use dartboard for a while.

Are you afraid of your wrong throw with dart to the dartboard? Do not worry… Electric dartboard contains “safe zone”, which catches darts that are thrown out of the target.

Electric dartboard also contains a lot of games to play. There is clearly 18 + 159 variables. All games are explained in a manual. Players would look forward for “Count-Up” & “Count-Down”, Round Clock, Simple Cricket or just for “Killer” and a much more modes.

Package contains:

– 6 darts

– 6 extra soft tips

– dartboard with LCD display

– adapter

Why I should choose this dartboard? (AP-100A):

– a lot of fun and great experiences for beginners and advanced players

– well-arranged  LCD display

– can be powered by adapter or  able to run on 3xAA batteries

– set of 18 games and 159 variables

–  manual with all game rules

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