One throw – one small victory

The soft tip darts Toxin are only choice for every skilled players who found their life purpose in dartboard. Insidiously smooth curves and tungsten barrels make exactly the one combination you want to get to hand in every decisive tournament.

Toxin darts are proud for original design made by two basic colours – poisonous green and black. Travel case that fits to every pocket or bag is included in the package.

Darts are suitable for advanced and professional players.

Toxin darts compound of soft tips, tungsten barrels, metallic Tox flights and plastic shafts.

The set includes 3 tungsten barrels, 3 plastic shafts, 3 soft tips, 3 Tox flights, 3 spare soft tips and stylish case.

Each dart is composed of:

  • nylon shaft
  • 90% Tungsten barrel
  • soft tip
  • metallic flight

TOXIN 18g 90% Wolfram set

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