ROUGE 16g 95% Tungsten set

The ROUGE dart set is a professional set for real players.

The cool red and silver design evokes a sense of speed.

The bodies of the ROUGE darts are made of 95% tungsten weighing 16 grams in silver color.

The ROUGE set flights have a greater thickness of 150 microns compared to the standard flights. This significantly strengthens the structure and extends the lifetime.

Thanks to the plastic tips, the darts are designed to be played on electronic targets.

The darts are suitable for advanced and professional players.

The darts consist of plastic tips, tungsten body, aluminium handles and 150 microns PVC flights.

The package includes 3 pcs of darts with plastic tips and a travel case

Barrel weight: 16 g
Barrel material: 95% Tungsten
Barrel thread: 2BA


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