WINDSON darts and dart accessories is a brand-new addition to the world of darts. The portfolio of WINDSON brand ranges from dart sets, where you will find everything you need to start throwing darts, to dartboards, so you have something to target. You can also find plenty of accessories to make your darts better, or to simply have spares when something goes awry. You can find anything from shafts, flights, softips, to accessories like shaft lock systems or flight protector.
The WINDSON brand is a guarantee of quality with the design being done in the heart of Europe – in the Czech Republic. The company is based in Ostrava, from where it is being shipped out to resellers and customers.
WINDSON is here for that special dart enthusiast you know. The one who knows how to hit the triple 20 every round so you can be sure he will appreciate his very own high-quality darts to play with. There is no need to run around and look for other dart accessories, as WINDSON can provide everything from tips to flights, from darts to boards. So, all the dart players can enjoy their favorite game any time they chose to.